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President addressed

  It's an honor that we meet and get familiar with you, and we hope there will be a bridge of cooperation built between us.
  The market economy is ever changing, and the enterprises are facing more challenges and opportunities. The fiercer the  competition becomes, the wider the stage is. However, success always belongs to those who are good at grasping the opportunites and exceeding themselves and are always progressive.
  We believe quality is vital to an enterprise, and only by devoting itself to product innovation and design and producing the quality products satisfying the customers, can it survive and sustain its development in the fierce competition, We are determined to take the lead of machinery manufacturing industry.
  We are looking forward to carry out wide cooperation and exchange with the business circle, and you all are welcome to visit our factory to deliver your advices or experiences and to discuss with us on cooperation.

Preident of board:zhaokai

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